• trendy botanical patterns
  • decorate any smooth surface of any size
  • can be used multiple times
  • two modes in one roll
  • alternative to wallpaper
  • easy and fun to use

What is decoroller?

Decoroller is a creative tool for decorating based on historical techniques. Decoroller allows you to easily apply a chosen pattern to any smooth surface using waterbased paints. It can be used on walls, furniture, floors, fabric, etc. You don't have to buy a new one each time, you can decorate with a single roll multiple times. Apply amazing botanical patterns in an eco friendly way. Use your creativity and replace wallpaper with trendy patterns or make personalized wrapping paper. You can apply it to furniture, wood, MDF board, paper, plaster, ceramics, concrete and any other smooth surface. You can paint over any pattern at any time which provides a great alternative for wallpaper.

What can I paint with it?

WALLS - You can use Decoroller to apply a decorative pattern to the wall’s surface. It is an attractive alternative to costly and inconvenient wallpaper. Every decoroller is a durable tool which can be used multiple times. You can use it to apply a pattern to a wall of any size, decorating it with popular botanical patterns, and if you ever change your mind, you can use the same roller to paint the wall clean with a new layer and start anew or leave it smooth. Your imagination is the limit.

FURNITURE - Apply any pattern to your piece of furniture and lose yourself in creative passion. You can use it to apply popular botanical patterns to make your interior classy and smart. Use decoroller with original high-quality chalk paint like Autentico® to rub, patinate and apply patterns of any color. Decorollers allow you to apply patterns to surfaces of any size, and are more elastic and easier to use than any stencil.

FLOORS - With Decorolleryou can paint any smooth surface including floors and stairs if you top it up with a good-quality waterbased paint and floor varnish.

DOOR - Apply a pattern to your door and utilize low-cost techniques to decorate your surroundings and make them more you.

FABRICS - curtains, blinds, cushions, overlays, upholsteries, and much more, provided you use paint adequate to the fabric’s dye.

DECORATIVE PAPER - This list could go on and on, apply patterns to grey paper, wrapping paper, use different colors or apply two different patterns to the ame surface, and prepare the perfect paper for your project.

YOU DECIDE - Think of what else you can do with Decoroller. Sky is the limit.

What is Decoroller made of?

Decoroller is made up of three parts: the handle made of metal and solid wood, sponge roll and rubber roll with a carved pattern. The width of the rolls, and consequently the patterns is 15 cm, every decoroller has two modes: smooth painting mode like applying grounding layer for the pattern, and pattern painting mode. The pattern is applied using the rubber roll, the sponge roll serves as the container for the paint. This simple, clever device will allow you to decorate and paint with great ease.

How to use it?

Attach the sponge roll to the handle and roll it in the paint poured beforehand to the through. Attach the rubber roll to the handle and roll it against a sheet of paper to allow the sponge roll to spread the paint evenly on the embossing of the rubber roll.